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Being the first in Perth to manufacture alloy radiators back in 1999 has certainly had its advantages. We have tried all sorts of combinations in all sorts of vehicles and engines. We found what works and what does not. This takes out the guess work, so when you contact Brown’s Radiators, if you need a bit of advice, we can tell you exactly what works and what does not which saves a lot of time and money.

All our radiators are manufactured in our workshop with Australian made cores and high quality components. All radiator tanks are made from 2mm marine grade aluminium.

We are not always the cheapest, as there are a lot of imported radiators being bought into Australia now. We can guarantee that what is purchased from us is of the highest quality and designed to enhance the engine bay of your vehicle but most importantly will work. The filler necks we use are made just for us and are not cheap pressed material but completely CNC machined with screw in overflow. The overflow is also designed to be parallel with the filler cap instead of on an angle. The overflow is the often falls out of the filler neck on the pressed style alloy filler necks that a lot use today. But that can never happen with ours.

We have a lot of part number alloy radiators on the shelf but also specialize in designing complete systems all the way from radiator and fans to header tanks and overflow tanks. We can also mount oil coolers or air condensers to the radiator.

We have plain tube alloy cores and also dimple tube alloy cores that really give a good edge in performance applications. Dimple tube cores eliminate the need for a multi pass radiator which is unnecessary. There are a lot of alloy radiators on the market that have very impressive names that make you think it will solve all your overheating problems. Rarely is that the case.

So whatever the requirements no matter where you are in Australia we can build a cooling package to handle any horsepower in any climate, and even have it delivered to your door.

We also stock and supply a large range of performance parts including Auto meter gauges, Speedflow fittings and braided lines, Electric water pumps, Overflow tanks, Header tanks, Stainless steel polished hose kits, Polished thermostat housings, Aviation style fuel fillers and much more at a very competitive price. Also instock are a large number of Alloy Weld on fittings. Hose tail barbs, Weld on threads, dash fittings and others. 

Aluminium Radiator True and False Questions Below are the most common statements and questions we hear.

  • Aluminium radiators can not be cleaned out.- False We can service our aluminium radiators just the same as a normal radiator for around the same price.
  • Aluminium radiators can not be repaired - False With the machines and expertise we have we are able to TIG weld the radiator tubes right along the face. We can even weld a hole in a coke can.
  • All aluminium radiators are the same - False
A lot of imported and even Australian radiators are of poor quality with a low service life. We try to always improve rather than just meet a standard.

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