Oil Coolers

There are a lot of oil coolers available off the shelf, but if an entire new cooler is required, we can design and build the cooler necessary for the job, whether it is Pin Fin, Bar/Plate, Tube and Fin or a complete steel cooler.

We also manufacture and supply Remote Oil Coolers with their own fan and sensor. This means they can be mounted anywhere and the sensor with have the fan come on when necessary, keeping the oil at an optimum temperature.

We have kits available for performance vehicles with Braided lines and screw on fittings that not only look great but give extra peace of mind. The coolers can also be mounted to the front of your radiator by making brackets instead of bolting it through your radiator core. Particularly with alloy radiators this a bonus as it looks a lot neater and stops possible damage to the core.

The oil coolers we have and build range in size, pressure and performance capabilities depending on the application. If you have a special need, let us know and we would be more than happy to provide a quote and advise.

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