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With our years of experience in this trade we have seen what damage coolants can cause if the wrong one is used. A lot on the market today are cleverly advertised and make you think it is the best for protection and will even lower your car’s temperature. This is usually not the case. Some however do lower the temperature, but fail in the area of corrosion protection.

So, as with all our other products we have tried a lot and have found what works well and what does not. We have coolants instock for Performance cars which is our own Antifreeze/Antiboil, also our Heavy duty coolant that is similar to Tech50 for trucks and machinery. We carry enough coolants of each type to refill bulk liquid containers of 1000 litres or more. We sell all coolants in 5 litre, 20 litre, 205 litre in concentrate or premixed with distilled water.

There are also a lot of radiator chemical radiator flushes around that make a lot of claims. We have found that a number of these can do more damage than good. Some times when these are used in an engine with rust scale problems it can loosen the scale over time and fill the radiator with it, causing overheating problems. You also have a problem when refilling with new coolant that it can react with residues of the old coolant which is why the radiator flush is recommended. We have been able to solve this problem with our ORGANIC RADIATOR FLUSH.

This radiator flush will not harm engine components or remove all the scale. This flush will remove discoloration and remove and neutralise all old coolants left in the system. So when the new coolant goes in you know it will not react and cause a problem. This radiator flush, being organic, will not harm aquatic life and will break down in the ground. It is also very easy to use at home.

For any sort of flush or coolant need have a chat to Bob or Glenn at Brown’s radiators.

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